5 Successful Muslim Entrepreneurs Who overcame Failure

This is a guest post You will find several articles mentioning the success of entrepreneurs who “hit the rock bottom” before they eventually made it to the top. However, rarely do you find articles which talk about “successful Muslim entrepreneurs’” who made it despite the odds against them. Well, follow our guide below to know … More 5 Successful Muslim Entrepreneurs Who overcame Failure

Mahindra & Mohammed

There are many respected conglomerate in India like the Birla’s, Tata’s and Ambani’s. They are the representatives of industrious India or the India Inc. They are transforming India, many founded with the sole idea of transforming India. A few of these companies have very Interesting stories of their founders; stories of perseverance and hard work, … More Mahindra & Mohammed

Hijabistas or Hijabers

With some European countries trying to ban the hizab, the argunment; hijab is a symbol of oppression and domination. The debate takes in religious freedom, female equality, secular traditions and even fears of terrorism. But  a breadth of fresh air has come from Indonesia, fashion designer Dian Pelangi; who is turning Muslim tradional style into  … More Hijabistas or Hijabers

Startup Village

Startup Village is a not-for-profit business incubator based in Kochi, Kerala. Started in April 2012, the organisation’s aim is to launch 1,000 technology startups over the next 10 years and start the search for the next billion-dollar Indian company. It focusses primarily on student startups and telecom innovation. It is India’s first incubator that is funded jointly by the public and private sector. … More Startup Village